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Sexual Harassment 101

15 Apr

It’s on the tips of everyone’s lips.  It’s all over the media.  Its long fingers are reaching into even previously untouched, sacred workplaces, and even celebrities.  It is – SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!   Once you get away from the #metoo campaigns and news stories, what is it, and what should a company do? Sexual harassment is defined […]

Union Right of Entry

05 Apr

Oh, yes they can.  It is written in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).  So, if you’ve been notified that a Union is going to knock on your door, what do you need to know about it? First of all, the Union must have coverage in your workplace.  For example, the CFMEU (building industry Union) […]

Working in Heat

05 Jan

There are a number of issues, and the odd myth, around working in hot conditions.  Safety is number one, but there are other points to think about too. Heat stroke is a real danger.  Companies need to think about how to minimise the risks through the OHS hierarchy (elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administration then personal […]

Christmas Parties

06 Dec

What could go wrong?  It’s just a nice little gathering of co-workers, having a few drinks….and we’ve all heard the horror stories from there.  So, what should a company who wants to respect itself in the morning do? First of all, and last of all, limit alcohol.  It seems to be the root of most […]


03 Nov

I don’t have to define this one.  We all know it when we smell it.  Sometimes we’ve even had it.  But what do you do with it when it keeps happening in your workplace? Before confronting someone (and yes, you will have to do this) you need to look at the overall situation.  Why might […]

Annual Shut Down

03 Oct

No matter how much you deny it, Christmas and New Year are coming.  So, are you gonna open or close your business over this time? Many businesses find that due to a general slowdown in business during the Christmas to New Year’s period that on balance, it’s a good time to shut the doors for […]

Working in the Cold

04 Aug

Much is written in Australia about working in the heat, but those who work in winter Down Under, especially outdoors, can have real problems with working in the cold.  So too can those who work in refrigerated conditions with food, in preparation, packing and storing. Whilst hypothermia and frostbite are more dramatic and dangerous issues […]

Working Out Minimum Wages

04 Jul

I often get asked the minimum, legal pay for employees.  There are a number of factors to consider here, including what the company does, and what the person does, as well as their personal characteristics, such as age or qualifications. First of all, I must find the appropriate Modern Award coverage.  This usually comes down […]

Expunged Homosexual Conviction

06 Jun

It’s official!  This is a new protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act (Vic) 2010 – expunged homosexual conviction.  And you may be thinking “So what?  I cannot/will not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference anyway, so why should I care?” The Victorian government, along with other states, have decided that people convicted of […]