WorkCover claims can be confusing for both employers and employees.

  • Can I refuse a WorkCover claim?
  • Can I make an employee fill in a WorkCover claim?
  • Where can I get claim forms from?
  • What does an employer have to fill in?
  • How does “Return To Work” work?
  • Am I liable for injuries from a former workplace?
  • What do I need to pay?

Getting things right from the start can help to minimise the impact on your business.

  • Discuss practical ways to handle a WorkCover claim, from accepting the claim, filling in the employer form and liasing with WorkCover authorities.
  • Kane Independent Consulting can help you put together a Return to Work Plan with the treating doctor, with both your obligations under the Accident Compensation Act and the inherent requirements of the position taken into account.
  • Get expert advice on your WorkCover policies, from recruiting new employees, steps to take when an employee is injured in the workplace and payment of WorkCover bills.

Tip: If an employee is injured at work the employer will be liable for the first 10 days wages and the first $610.00 of bills. This amount is indexed annually, so check the 1st of July each year to find out what the new limit is.