Equal opportunity


The new Victorian Equal Opportunity Act places more responsibility on employers to take steps to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace and other areas of life.

  • Even if someone doesn’t make a formal complaint it may be necessary to take action. Discuss what steps you can take to ensure these matters are dealt with before they escalate.
  • We can help to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace, from making sure your policies are up to date with State and Federal legislation, customising processes to ensure they suit your company through to training your staff in a fun and informative way as to what Equal Opportunity, bullying and harassment mean in their workplace.
  • Kane Independent Consulting can assist in deciding what Reasonable Accomodation may be offered to employees and customers, such as allowing assistance dogs or temporary changes in duties for an employee injured outside of the workplace, based upon the inherent requirements of the role.
  • Both the Fair Work Act and the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act allow employees returning to work after parental leave to request “Flexible Work Arrangements”. Talk to an expert about different options to suit both of you.
  • Most people are aware of Protected Attributes such as race, gender and religion. Minimise your risk of an Equal Opportunity claim by having us review your interview processes and questions to ensure that you are not discriminating against potential applicants on the basis of parental responsibilities, freedom of association or political preferences.
  • If someone makes a claim of Sexual Harassment, discuss what may constitute unwelcome sexual conduct and what steps can be taken to resolve the situation.

Tip:¬†Cases are taking into account more often actions taken outside of the workplace, their effect on the workplace and what the employer did to prevent or stop such behaviour. Hold a “Tool Box” meeting with your employees to help everyone understand how what may be said at Friday night drinks, or posted on Facebook can impact them back at work.