Unfair Dismissal claims can be stressful and costly. And then there’s the worry of somebody making an Adverse Action claim under the Fair Work Act. How many warnings do I have to give someone? How do I know if I qualify as a “Small Employer” under the Fair Work Act? What should I do if […]


Industrial relations

The introduction of the Fair Work Act brought in a new set of terms and conditions for workplaces, with minimum conditions enshrined in legislation, and the Modern Awards creating difficulties in new penalty rates and transitional provisions. So: What’s the difference between a permanent employee, a casual employee or an independent contractor? How do I […]


Bullying and Harassment

Claims of harassment, discrimination and bullying can be upsetting for all involved, as well as time consuming and costly. What Federal or State law covers me? What personal attributes are covered by equal opportunity law, and what aren’t? What is the difference between bullying and harassment? What should I do if someone claims they are […]



WorkCover claims can be confusing for both employers and employees. Can I refuse a WorkCover claim? Can I make an employee fill in a WorkCover claim? Where can I get claim forms from? What does an employer have to fill in? How does “Return To Work” work? Am I liable for injuries from a former […]


Equal opportunity

The new Victorian Equal Opportunity Act places more responsibility on employers to take steps to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace and other areas of life. Even if someone doesn’t make a formal complaint it may be necessary to take action. Discuss what steps you can take to ensure these matters are dealt with […]